It is not only since the takeover through the Eggers & Franke Group in 2005 that Reidemeister & Ulrichs counts among the names in highest repute in the German wine trade.

Already since its foundation in 1831 the traditional Bremen company with  roots in the Bordeaux wine trade, maintains commercial relations characterised by personal friendship with the most noble partners in the international wine trade.

The portfolio comprises leading producers and premium brands and is destined to restaurants and the pretentious specialised wine trade.

Since the merger with the Rüdesheim specialist for the restaurant trade, DC Gesellschaft für Weinimporte,  Reidemeister & Ulrichs also offer an extensive assortment of German wines.

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Reidemeister & Ulrichs GmbH
Speicher 1
Konsul-Smidt-Straße 8 J
28217 Bremen

telephone: +49 (0)421 39 94-0
telefax: +49 (0)421 39 94-174



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Markus Hotze, Managing Director


Reidemeister & Ulrichs Katalog

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